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Today we're interviewing Edmund A.M. Batara, who's new to the fiction writing field.

He published his first fantasy book, The Accidental Archmage: Ragnarök Rising, in 2017. Since then, he has published nineteen books, including one each in children’s fantasy, science fiction, and satire.

He is a full member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and a full member of the Authors Guild, though he still prefers to be an independent part-time writer.

SADYE: How did you come to see yourself as a writer, and what inspired you to seek publication?

EDMUND: I grew up reading science fiction and fantasy books. And comics! Those wonderful, wonderful two-dimensional pieces of colored paper.

Devoured practically everything, even the ones I struggled to finish. Loved the Lord Darcy series.

SADYE: Tell us something about your writing process that’s unusual or that you haven’t revealed before.

EDMUND: I am what others would call a "pantser" – one who follows where the story takes him. I rarely do outlines.

But there’s this weird habit of the stories continuing their narratives just as one’s ready to go to sleep. Or taking a bath. Or brushing teeth.

I’ve solved the first by having a writing pad beside me at night. Solutions to the other instances still escape me. Suggestions welcome.

SADYE: What have been the most surprising, rewarding, and challenging parts of your writing career?

EDMUND: The most surprising was the number of readers who read the book during its first two weeks.

The truth was, I published it on Amazon principally for the ASIN (cheapskate, huh?). Writing for me then was a stress-relief exercise (not anymore).

I didn’t even know how to format properly and instead came out with a PDF-encoded book. You could just imagine the comments of some readers.

The book wouldn’t even show up in older Kindles. After that, I had to learn everything the hard way. Especially when people expected Book 2 of the series.

Being accepted to the SFWA three months after my initial foray was quite rewarding. I was stunned and then slapped myself to make sure I was awake.

I prefer writing stories of a series. Kickstarting the brain to continue the storyline after a book is finished is a difficult and challenging process, especially when you’re already in Volume 5 and up.

SADYE: What has been the most touching or memorable piece of reader feedback you’ve received?

EDMUND: Two reviews come to mind. All in the Accidental Archmage series, though the others also had their fair share of positive reviews.

One review compared it to watched an Indiana Jones movie, and the other mentioned that the story turned legends on their heads, shook the tumbler, and then let people see what came out.

I highly appreciated the reader’s additional observation that research did go into the writing which was, to quote, “woven in so that it enhances the narrative, even drives it forwards, rather than weighing it down as so often happens when such things are attempted. Fun interactions between characters, an engaging story, and legends coming out of the woodwork.” Nice. 

SADYE: What advice, as relates to your writing career, would you give your younger self?

EDMUND: Start early. The imagination is a wonderful place and it would be unfortunate if all of those stories don’t see the light of day.

I’ll kick him where the bells jangle if he writes principally for the money (there’s none – unless one’s lucky enough). 

* * *

Learn more about Edmund A.M. Batara on his website, where his books can also be purchased; and like him on Facebook.

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