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Today we're interviewing mystery and cozy-mystery writer Jenny Kales.

Kales is the author of The Callie's Kitchen Mystery Series, featuring Greek-American Calliope Costas, feisty food business owner and amateur sleuth, who lives in a scenic Wisconsin town with colorful characters and plenty of mystery!

Each book contains several delicious recipes, both Greek and American.

She is hard at work on additional writing projects including more Callie's Kitchen Mysteries and a brand-new cozy mystery series. 

SADYE: How did you come to see yourself as a writer, and what inspired you to seek publication?

JENNY: As soon as I could read, I became interested in writing. As a child I wrote stories all the time, and even mysteries! As an adult, I worked as a writer for corporations and businesses, then eventually turned to my first love: fiction.

What is inspiring for me about writing is the human connection with the reader. In cozies, readers enjoy solving the mysteries, but they also develop a connection with the characters and feel like they know them. I love that reader/character/author relationship.

As far as publication, I am currently am an indie author but am getting ready to pitch agents with a new project. 

SADYE: Which of your characters would you most and least like to trade places with?

JENNY: I would love to trade places with Callie Costas, my main character in the Callie’s Kitchen Mysteries, just for a little while, because she is fearless!  

She goes after what she wants and, for good or bad, is determined to uncover information once she gets on a case. I love her spirit.

The person I would least like to trade places with is probably the culprit in my most recent book, A Stew to a Kill, because that person is a tortured soul. That’s all I can say without giving it away.

SADYE: Which of your characters would you most and least like to become romantically involved with?

JENNY: In my Callie’s Kitchen Mysteries, Detective Ian Sands is Callie’s love interest, so I will pick him. He is mysterious but once you get to know him, warm and funny.

I would least like to get romantically involved with Callie’s ex-boyfriend, Ben, because he is full of himself and kind of a jerk, lol.

SADYE: What period of history would you most like to travel back to and why?

JENNY: I love the 1920s and the work of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Some of his passages are so incredibly beautiful and he was a fellow Midwesterner, too.

I think it would be fascinating to meet him and to see the Jazz Age. It was pivotal in so many ways.

Fun fact: a mystery involving him is included in my third Callie’s Kitchen Mystery, Secrets and Pies.

SADYE: What has been the most touching or memorable piece of reader feedback you’ve received?

JENNY: A reader shared on her Instagram account that my series was one she would re-read when she was feeling down, and it picked her back up.

I will never forget that! I was so honored to hear that feedback.

* * *

Learn more about Jenny Kales on her website, where her books can also be purchased; like her on Facebook; and follow her on Twitter and Instagram

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