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Among the many reasons to be excited that 2021 has begun is that we get to start all over again with our bookish goals.

Not all of our Facebook followers had reading resolutions, but those who did were happy to share.

And there’s absolutely still time to pick a challenge (unless it’s to read a book every day) — if you need inspiration after this post, BookRiot shared five challenges and directed eager readers to GirlXOXO’s Master List of Reading Challenges

But here’s what your fellow Fussy fans said late last month about the new year ...

Amy N.: My goal is to read more than I did the year before. 2020 I finished 45 books so far (might finish 2 more before the end of the year).

Carla P.: I am aiming for one book a week again! Fell a few short this year... 😞 But was REALLY close!!

Cindy T.: Read more fiction, because I love it, and reading is my passion, not my job.

Cynthia V.: Read more classics and nonfiction. Don’t waste my time on silly books.

Elizabeth S.: My goal is to read books from different genres.

Elle H.: To read/listen to 100 books! In 2020 I’ve finished 78 so far so it’s definitely attainable! The most I’ve ever read in one year was 365 (and that was before I started using audiobooks)!

Jacki D.: My goal is to read. I love reading and can manage about one a day and have for years. Yes, I re-read old favorites.

Linda C.: I’ve read 155 books this year and probably read two or three more before end of year. Next year's goal is 175.

Linda J.: Actually to read the Bible more and do some studies.

Lissa M.: My goal last year was to read 20 books for the whole year knowing I work 40 hours a week and I'm now considered essential worker. Then when I got done reading the 20 books I tried to update it to a hundred and it only made it to about 53 so my new goal is to just read and enjoy the books I do read and not worry about how many I get to read.

Lori P.: Read more books already on my Kindle.

Kerry W.: I had a target of 150 this year managed 179 so might go for 200 next year 😬

Mary V.: I am going to try Dickens again!

Mary Y.: Read, read, and read some more. 

Nancy R.: I’m thinking about giving Harry Potter a try.

Pat M.: Reread the Greek classics. Medea, Plato (re: Socrates), Sappho.

Penny J.: To read war and peace in January. My goal is 65 books in 2021.

Royal S.: To expand my reading outside of science fiction. There’s so much more out there. I like reading Nabokov, Joyce and Nietschke.

Sandy F.: Keep my nose in a book and out of other people's business 😀

Wendy S.: I’m going to set a low goal and hopefully read above it. I didn’t even crack 40 books this year. Work was a big part of it but I just didn’t make use of the time I could read and watched tv or Facebook instead. I’m changing that for 2021.

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