Posted on January 20, 2023 at 2:00 PM by Sadye Scott-Hainchek

Let's end this workweek on a high note!

TikTok is a popular target of criticism, for a variety of reasons.

But like most other forms of technology, it can be used for good, too.

NPR's Morning Edition introduced many of us to TikTok star Oliver James, who's publicly pursuing a bookish goal.

James, who told Leila Fadel that his school system failed to help him with his reading disability, was inspired to finally learn how to read by his children.

He posted online about adding reading to his workout journey, and that's when the BookTook community found him.

Now, he's set a goal of reading a hundred books this year and is sharing his learning process online.

Listen to James talk about learning to read on TikTok (or read from his conversation with Fadel) on NPR's website.

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The story of a dad teaching himself to read is inspiring. But the facts and the reality are depressing. Those in the 'cult of school' tell us that our public schools are fantastic and we "sent men to the moon!" We also had over 70 million people who voted TWICE for an openly authoritarian fascist. We do not have public schools. We have state controlled institutions by virtue of extremely comprehensive and far-reaching laws which mandate attendance. I am not a Libertarian nor anti-government. However, education is ineffable and cannot be imposed or mass produced. I have written several articles and three books on these topics, for which I can find no publisher. I have many citations, excerpts and quotations from highly credible sources which support my position but there is a taboo against advocating or even mentioning the eradication of compulsory attendance. The consequence will very likely be the ending of democracy in our lifetimes -and I am 81. Meanwhile, educators indulge in endless happy talk and make false promises for reform. 'I am sure Ms. Fadel has no interest in learning what I have to say.
Robert B.Elliott | 1/21/23 at 3:58 PM
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