Posted on November 8, 2023 at 12:00 PM by Sadye Scott-Hainchek

Here are the best posts on BookRiot in recent days that we haven't shared yet ...

  • Spotify makes audiobooks available for US premium subscribers: If you subscribe to Spotify's premium service, you now have access to over 200,000 audiobooks and can listen to 15 hours per month.

  • Is ghostwriting ruining literature?: Jeffrey Davies takes a quick overview of the long history of ghostwriters to implicitly answer the question posed in the headline and ends with a better question — that is, should the writing world rethink how and when it credits ghostwriters?

  • Help me start reading anything that's not a book: Laura Sackton came up with some strategies of her own, but is open to more assistance, on how to encourage herself to read more articles (and other written material that just isn't a book).

  • The 16 books most commonly stolen from high school libraries: Nikki DeMarco had theories on what students were likely to take without receiving permission or returning — but those hypotheses weren't really borne out by the evidence.

  • Two wins for public libraries at the polls: Kelly Jensen is clear — it's a shame that libraries in Michigan and Iowa even faced the ballot measures they did, but the good news is that the former will receive funding and the latter will retain control over itself rather than having non-librarians make decisions for it.

  • The history and rise of book bans in Ireland: Most of our book-ban coverage is of restrictions in the US, but Katie Moench points out that the past century has been full of such battles in Ireland, too. 

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