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Here are the literary birthdays to celebrate over the week of December 24, 2023.

Matthew Arnold (December 24, 1822): Arnold gained prominence in his lifetime for his literary criticism; his poetry, which preceded his critical work, has earned him posthumous honor for such works as “Dover Beach.”

Mary Higgins Clark (December 24, 1929): Clark’s first suspense novel, Where Are The Children?, set her on the path to becoming the Queen of Suspense — she now has nearly forty bestsellers under her belt and a mystery award named after her.

Stephenie Meyer (December 24, 1973): Meyer, whose Twilight series has sold over 100 million copies globally, became the first author to sweep the first four slots on USA TODAY’s bestseller list.

Isaac Newton (December 25, 1642): Newton’s Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, often referred to as simply the Principia (from its Latin title), revealed his laws of motion and is one of the most important modern scientific works.

Thomas Gray (December 26, 1716): Gray wrote “An Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard,” one of the most famous English lyric poems.

Manuel Puig (December 28, 1932): Puig became famous beyond his native Argentina with the novel Kiss of the Spider Woman, which was later adapted into a movie.

Rudyard Kipling (December 30, 1865): Kipling’s poetry and short stories, most notably The Jungle Book, brought him early acclaim — and England’s first Nobel Prize for Literature victory — but his reputation declined, even in his lifetime, because of his imperialistic attitudes.

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