Posted on July 19, 2019 at 8:00 AM by Sadye Scott-Hainchek

We posted a cartoon on Facebook last week about a kid sneaking a book — with his mother fully aware and loving it — and our followers went crazy in a good way over it. (Check it out at the bottom of this post.)

And they also shared their own excellent stories about sneaking in a page (or two ... or three ... ), much to our delight.

First we figured we’d pull our favorites and share on our blog, but that barely narrowed down the field.

So we grouped our favorites by topic and have shared a dose each morning this week, to help you start your day on the right foot.

Here's the final installment!

Beatrice B.: The worst thing I could do was send mine to their rooms and tell them no reading.

Karen L.: We once told a teacher that our eight-year-old's punishment was taking away her current book. She was astonished! But it worked!

Ray A.: I was once grounded from going into my room. Period. For two weeks, my parents told me I wasn't allowed to go in there because all I would do is read and not come out except to eat. It pissed my father off to no end, but I ignored him and went back to my room.

Sara W.: I had the fifth Harry Potter book taken away from me before I was done with it because I stayed up until 5 A.M. reading it and I cannot tell a lie, so my mom found out.

Sarah T.: Once I was grounded for something and one of my punishments was only being allowed to read books from the library and not from my own bookshelf. It was torture! I definitely checked out books I already owned just so I could read my favorites.

Sharon J.: I'm one of eight kids. When I was in trouble at home and Mother was frustrated with us, I'd make sure to push her buttons so she would make me "go out" so I'd go to my city library to escape.

Amy H.: Whenever we're watching TV, I have my book open on my lap. As soon as there is a commercial, I mute it and read. I get scolded when the show comes on again and I forget to turn the sound back on!

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