Posted on June 1, 2020 at 11:33 AM by Sadye Scott-Hainchek

Victoria Strauss has refreshed an older article about how authors should evaluate any potential contracts before signing them.

Check out Writer Beware® to see the six ways that you could sabotage yourself if you’re not careful — and to refresh your memory on what a contract is actually intended to do, courtesy of Jane Friedman.

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Hi I was contacted buy them regarding my book. I haven’t spoken to them yet. Do you think it’s worth it? Thank you
Arna Persad | 3/7/24 at 7:10 AM
I received a contract from Europe Books, duly signed by its director, requiring the author to pay up front for 200 copies at GBP 18,50 a piece, with a contractual obligation by Europe Books to reimburse the whole amount as soon as the publisher has sold 500 copies through its own channels. The author is entitled to 10% of the retail price. It comes with a complete promotion and distribution package. The publisher has provided a review by two of its redactors, proving a genuine and duly motivated interest in my work. As far as I can see, there are no hidden pitfalls or tricks. The only snag would be how the author would be able to check the sales. There is always an aspect of confidence and good will & intentions in the relationship between the author and the publisher. From my experience with other publishing agreements, I may state, that Europe Books makes a difference. Most contracts I received can't stand the test. Their just in it for the money. Europe Books at least shows that this publisher wants to build a good and long-lasting relationship with the author. The required amount, though, is a hurdle to be overcome with the help of sponsors who believe in the work. Indeed, there is always a risk involved. But the quality of the writing should underpin the chance of success.
James Herald | 1/17/24 at 11:09 PM
I'm not comfortable with any "traditional publisher" in any country which requires book authors to BUY THEIR OWN BOOKS" before their work will finally be considered for publications with all the trimmings of promotions and publicity to market your book in the global market., promising only a 10% Royalty on book sales. I smell something fishy here...... I cannot afford the large amount needed to buy 200 copies of my own book.... Something tells me not to sign the contract....
Aurelio Pena | 11/13/23 at 5:25 AM
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