Posted on 04/06/2022 at 09:33 AM by Sadye Scott-Hainchek

We don't typically share writing advice that strikes us as wrong or useless.

But sometimes, we open up a post and realize just how on point it is.

The case study: After devouring a novel populated with memorable characters (oh, and plenty of tension and drama), we went back to a Kindlepreneur post on character descriptions we'd saved.

Dave Chesson's first two sentences summed up our reading experience of that book perfectly:

"A good character description is walking a fine line between too much and too little information. Not only that, it's how you deliver the information to the reader that can make or break a good description."

So head over to Chesson's post for tips on writing amazing character descriptions, even though his examples don't include the book we just finished.

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