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Looking for ways to promote your free ebook and increase reader interest? You’ve come to the right place! Learn about 7 ebook marketing tips you can apply today…

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Why You Need to Take an Active Role in Book Promotion

As an author, you play an essential part in the marketing of your book. The simple fact is that writing a compelling story and editing it to (near) perfection is just the first step.

After all, the only way you’ll achieve your goal of becoming a successful author is if people read what you’ve written.

And that means you need to follow proven ebook marketing tips so you can get your work in front of those who will enjoy it. 

It means you need to put effort into spreading the word about your book. 

Here’s why…

You’re the one who’s most qualified to promote your work. 

As the person who wrote your book, you’re the best choice to promote it. You created the characters, so you know them inside out.

Further, you know your story better than anyone else. Even if your marketing experience is limited, you can describe the plot in a clear, concise, and engaging manner.

Ultimately, this is what will bring in readers.   

There’s a lot of competition in the marketplace. 

There are millions of ebooks available to readers, which means you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Of course, not every book will appeal to your ideal audience. However, you still have to compete with many other authors and individual titles in your genre for reader attention.

You just can’t afford not to take an active role in book promotion when there’s a chance your title could otherwise go unnoticed.

Oftentimes, you’re the only one marketing your ebook.

If you choose to self-publish your ebook and are unable to hire outside help, the marketing work will fall on you.

In that case, you have no other choice but to research ebook marketing tips and get to work. Otherwise, there will be no one (other than friends and family members, perhaps) actively promoting your title. 

It allows you to build your author brand. 

By putting effort into promoting your work, you can start to build your author brand.

If you’re a first-time author, this is especially important. Showcasing your title, developing your voice, and distinguishing yourself from others can help you earn more fans.   

7 Ebook Marketing Tips to Apply

Once you understand why you need to promote your work, it’s time to move on to the how.

If you’re here now, you’ve likely decided to offer a free copy of your book to drum up interest.

Although this can be a great way of overcoming the main objection a reader may have to downloading your ebook, it’s not enough.

You still need to put your book in front of people so there’s no chance they miss it! 

Finding ways to promote your work (even a temporarily free ebook) can be tough, which is why we put together some marketing tips to help you along the way.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list. There are countless things you can do to spread the word about your book.

However, by applying these marketing tactics, you can generate interest in your ebook and improve your chances of increasing book sales.   

Now, let’s dive in…

1. Connect with book bloggers and influencers. 

One of the best ways to promote your book is to connect with book bloggers and influencers with large followings.

If you develop a relationship with even one or two individuals, you can get more eyes on your work. Further, you can get social proof from a trustworthy source that your ebook is worth reading.

However, it’s important that you’re careful about reaching out to bloggers, reviewers, and other influencers. Going about it the wrong way can do more harm than good.

Therefore, you need to take the right approach to ensure a positive result.  

  • Research individuals who frequently blog and post about your genre. 

  • Check to see whether they are accepting new books for review. 

  • Follow the submission guidelines on their website, if applicable.  

  • Be polite and respectful when contacting them. 

2. Extend your reach on social media. 

Being active on social media is a must if you want to promote your ebook. At the same time, you need to do more than just write a quick post that your book is currently available for free.

You should look for every opportunity to extend your reach and highlight your giveaway. 

For example, use hashtags to your advantage. When posting about your offering, apply hashtags such as #eBook and #BookGiveaway, along with those relevant to your platform (e.g., #Kindle, #FreeKindleRead, #Nook, #FreeNookBook).

There are a number of other recommended hashtags for authors as well. 

3. Participate in online conversations. 

One of the most crucial ebook marketing tips to keep in mind is that you need to be where your ideal audience is. By connecting and conversing with potential readers online, you can foster interest in your work.

However, this is another instance when treading carefully is your best bet. 

  • Look for relevant forums on sites such as Reddit and Quora.

  • Join appropriate groups on Facebook and other platforms. 

  • Address questions you have the expertise to answer. 

  • Spark conversations on topics that relate to your book. 

  • Focus on building a rapport with members. 

  • Let people know about your free ebook when/where it makes sense.

4. Put together some great video content.

Although your ideal audience loves the written word, chances are they enjoy video as well. That’s why you should consider putting together some attention-grabbing video content.

Promoting your work in this format can go a long way toward growing your reader base and selling books. 

In addition to doing a virtual reading from your book, which can help you engage with readers online, there are several other things worth trying.

For example, you could create a book trailer with music and visuals. Or, you could pick out an aspect of your book (e.g., setting) and take a deep dive, giving readers some interesting background information.   

5. Write blog posts related to your book.

If you don’t already have an author blog, now may be the time to start one. By crafting interesting and well-optimized posts that appeal to your ideal audience, you can drive traffic to your site.

As a result, more potential readers will learn about you and your work. This can help you grow your reader base and increase book sales.  

When you’re running a deal on an ebook, consider writing blog posts about subjects that tie in with your story.

Then, include a call-to-action for readers to take advantage of your offering. And don’t forget to share your posts on social media!

6. Advertise with a book promotion site.  

Another valuable piece of ebook marketing advice is to advertise your work with a book promotion site. There are many benefits to using this tactic. For example…

  • It lets you put your book right in front of potential fans.

  • It increases your chances of getting book reviews.

  • It often allows you to collect email addresses for your own list.

(Bonus: You don’t have to search high and low for a reputable site. You can promote your free ebook in our newsletter, which goes out to hundreds of thousands of avid readers every day!)

7. Host a book launch (or relaunch) party online. 

The last of our ebook marketing tips is to consider hosting a virtual book launch to generate interest in your title.

Doing so can extend your reach far beyond your community, letting you connect with potential readers around the globe!

Further, it gives you the opportunity to chat with your audience, do a brief reading, and address any questions they may have. 

Even if your title isn’t new, you may want to host a relaunch if…

  • You’ve decided to offer the first in a series for free.

  • You’re running a temporary deal on your title.

  • Your story is relevant to current events.  


Although giving away your ebook at no cost for even a limited time can help bring in readers, you can’t stop there. It’s important that you take an active role in promoting your work.

So, review the ebook marketing tips provided here and start applying them today!   

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