Posted on February 12, 2022 at 12:00 PM by Sadye Scott-Hainchek

Dan Holloway shared some differing attitudes on TikTok in a news analysis post for the Alliance of Independent Authors.

On one hand, he notes that Barnes & Noble CEO James Daunt — while late to the game on observing this — is correct that BookTok does seem to pushing sales.

But on the other hand, Holloway finds cause for general concern in TikTok's recent announcement about a creator fund.

Sure, it's nice that popular creators will receive some money, but the pool is set at a certain amount, no matter how revenue grows.

Why does that matter, if you're not on TikTok? Well, the terms are similar to another program that you very well might be part of ...

... Kindle Unlimited.

Holloway shares further thoughts on what the TikTok creator pool funding could mean for subscription services on the ALLi blog.

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